About Me

I'm Amy

...the entrepreneur.

...the artist.

...the pug mom.

...the wax seal tik-toker.

...the girl with the blue hair.

You may know me as...

Ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil, I have felt called to create. Art has been a constant throughout my life, but it's taken a long time for me to truly see myself as an artist. Though I have taken different paths over the years, the desire to create has been the driving force behind every endeavor. Spreading love and happiness through works of art is a dream that I am so grateful to be living.


Some things I love:

I. love stories

I've cried at every wedding ceremony I've ever worked or attended. I am a firm believer that love is love – there is something so special about how love is a universal experience, but there are a million different ways of getting there. Through my many years in the wedding industry, I have never heard the same love story twice – each one is beautifully unique. I may be biased, but ours is my favorite. My husband, Sean, and I are high school sweethearts about to celebrate fourteen years of loving each other (and eight years of marriage). Meeting at 17 years old has allowed Sean and I to grow up together, watching each other hit milestones and being there through every high and low as we entered adulthood. Our lives are deeply intertwined, and we feel incredibly fortunate to have found our person. We love cooking together, cuddling with our pugs, and seeing the world. 


II. pugs

I will always ~always~ ask to pet your dog. Doggos are the best thing about planet earth and you cannot convince me otherwise. When my husband and I met in high school, he was a cat guy, but he said he would consider a dog only if it was a pug. To be honest, I wasn't thrilled – I'm a big-dog person, and all I knew about pugs was their many health issues. Every year for the next four years he bought me a 365-day pug calendar for Christmas, and here we are a decade later with a grumble of three. After falling in love with our own and volunteering with pug rescues, I'll be a pug mom for life. June Pug was our first born and will be 9 this year; Oliver James came shortly after and will be turning 8; and then we rescued our littlest, Darcy Anne, who is about to be 5.



III. Travel

My mother is first-generation Irish, and my father is a Portuguese immigrant. I was lucky enough to be able to travel from a young age. Outdoor adventures were important parts of my childhood, and being able to introduce my husband to hiking and kayaking has allowed us to continue to connect with nature into our adult lives. Our biggest bucket-list item is to do a multi-month cross-country road trip in a camper with our pugs, crossing off all of the National Parks we haven't had the pleasure of visiting yet. Our favorite trip so far has been our honeymoon to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, but Kauai is a close runner-up. We also plan for a Portugal redo – while I've been there multiple times, Sean's one and only trip with us involved being ridiculously sick, and I'm determined to redeem one of my favorite places in the world for him one day.



IV. the little things


We go every year and soak in all the sunsets at Jockeys Ridge State Park.

The Outer Banks

Just give me cozy socks, Gilmore Girls reruns, and a cup of tea.

sweater weather

In 2022 we stayed in the Galactic Starcruiser (RIP) and had the BEST time.

Star Wars

I live for Murder, Mystery, & Makeup Mondays with Bailey Sarian.

True Crime Series & Documentaries

A daily ritual – no morning is complete without it.

French Press Coffee

take a glimpse inside my creative journey

How did I end up here?

Growing up, I always loved art. It was my favorite subject, and I filled countless sketchbooks over the years. My high school had an amazing art major program that fostered my love for fine artistry and allowed me to experiment with different media and styles. Before college, I was accepted into MICA's summer painting program in Tuscany (an experience of a lifetime).


I started at Kutztown University as a Fine Arts major with no real plan other than I loved everything about art and making it. I felt lost my freshman year. I vividly remember a class meeting with the Dean where he asked "who has dreams of having a gallery in NYC?" and I was the only person in the room who didn't raise my hand. Something just didn't feel exactly right.


I transferred to Graphic / Web Design after feeling like I needed to work towards something employable – I shockingly learned I love to code (still do, btw) and spent the rest of my college career building websites and wholeheartedly believing that print is dead. *cries in stationer*


I became president of the Kutztown AIGA (and won an award for my work), got engaged, started planning my wedding, took an independent study making wedding invitations, moved into our first apartment, adopted June Pug, graduated, and got a full-time job as a UI/UX developer. (phew, it was a big year!)


I got to marry my high school sweetheart and fell in love with weddings in the process. A lack of creative outlet and post-wedding blues led me to leave my full-time job to do freelance branding / web design while I explored the wedding industry.


After helping friends with their weddings, networking, and planning countless styled shoots, I started an award-winning wedding planning company doing stationery on the side. It really felt like I found my niche.


My business was growing, and I was at capacity for what I could do on my own. I spent the year hiring associate planners and poured my heart, soul, and savings into a bigger and better brand with a launch ready to go for the new year. Immaculate timing...


Covid destroyed the wedding industry, my business, and my mental health. It wasn't until it was all ripped away from me that I realized I was completely burnt out. Through the chaos and mourning the loss of something I worked so hard towards, I found a glimpse of happiness in wedding stationery (raise your hand if you never want to see a "change the date" card again...)


Dragonfly Paperie was born with the intent of taking things slow while I figured out exactly what I wanted. One month in, I went viral on TikTok for making wax seals and my business quickly gained success before I even had time to process what was happening. I was booked solid for the whole year early that spring.


My passion for fine artistry was rekindled after a streak of wonderful, trusting clients. My confidence as an artist has grown exponentially, but this year was also a difficult one full of uncertainty, self-reflection, and reprioritization. Changing my business (again) was not on my 2023 bingo card, but here we are – and tbh, I am so glad it ended up this way.


This new chapter just feels right. I wish I could go back and tell little me that I would one day be an artist – she wouldn't be able to contain herself. It certainly wasn't a straight shot to get here, but we made it. Amy Elizabeth Artistry has been a lifetime in the making, and I couldn't be more proud of this full-circle moment.  Calling myself an artist in public is wild.


Have questions, looking to work together, or just want to say hi? Email me at hello@amyelizabethartistry.com or fill out a contact form to get in touch.




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